Our Services

IMG_0722At J Krasa Lawns, we love mowing lawns in lovely Saint Cloud, Florida. We cut lawns big and small and everything in between.

One-Time Lawn Mowing

We specialize in one-time cuts for those who need service quickly, but do not want a monthly contract. Because lawns of different sizes and overgrowth require a different amount of work, we like to come out and take a look at your yard. Then we will give you an estimate on the price. So, give us a call to make your appointment today! 407.319.8899

Monthly Service

Do you need your grass mowed on a regular basis? We provide month to month service for our customers as well. This is for basic cuts and weed-eating to maintain your lawn. This service is mow, trim and blow-off clippings. Prices for monthly service start at $25 per cut.

Additional Services

Do you need tree trimming, shrubs trimmed, or any other type of lawn grooming service? We can do that on an as needed basis. Show us the area that needs help, and we will give you an estimate for the task.

Because there are many types of lawn care jobs, and all are of different sizes, we usually have to see the job before we can give you a quote. We are happy to take some time to talk to you about helping with you special projects around the yard, so contact us for an appointment: 407.319.8899