Is Good Lawn Care Contagious?

Posted on 18th August 2013 in Lawn Maintenance, St. Cloud Lawn Care

St. Cloud Lawn Care - Good JobSt. Cloud Lawns on My Walk

I walk every morning around from one end of Lake Shore Blvd., down one of the streets that start near the beach and then back over one of the numbered streets like 4th, 5th, or 6th.   There is something that has caught my attention, and I want to know if my fellow St. Cloudians have made the same observation — lawn care, good or bad seems to be contagious.



Why do some streets have all nice lawns?

On certain streets along my route, all of the grass and landscaping looks very nice and well taken care of.  Perhaps there is some type of friendly neighborhood competition going on?  Or maybe it’s because when your next door neighbor mows his grass, and then your grass has that week old growth, even though the week old might not actually be that bad, it sure does look like it when you see his nice freshly mowed grass line.  There is just something so lovely about freshly cut grass.

Saint Cloud Lawn Maintenance Needed


And other streets have a lawn care epidemic?

Although we are lucky to be living in a little paradise here in the “Cloud,” I also find that just a few streets away from any given beautified street, there can be the opposite problem.  Certain streets seem to have an abundance of unmowed grass and overgrown shrubs.  Why is that?  Is it the same as the well-maintained streets – is the peer pressure to only mow occasionally instead of regularly?  On the streets where lawn maintenance is lax, you will find not just one or two houses wanting for some lawn TLC, but you will find house after house.  Do your own little experiment and see if this is true for you too – next time you are driving around St. Cloud, mix up your route a bit and check out a few streets.


Healthy Lawns are Good for All of Us

Well, one thing I know for sure is that weeds and grass blights and fungus are definitely contagious.   We have one neighborhood we service that has been fighting a grass fungus for years now.  We constantly see people in this neighborhood re-sodding their lawns.   It’s important to keep your weeds under control by regular mowing, over-seeding and the occasional spray when needed.  We like to use John’s Grove of Saint Cloud for any type of grass maintenance that requires pest control.

Happy mowing Saint Cloud!  Enjoy your gardens.

Time for Holiday Landscape Clean-Up and Tree Trimming!

J. Krasa Lawn Care St. Cloud, FL

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Hello Saint Cloud!  Wow, what a busy summer we had!   Thanks to all of our great lawn care and landscape project clients for making this summer one of our best ever.

We are excited about the cool weather, and wanted to remind you that this is the perfect time for cleaning up flower beds, trimming trees, getting the moss out of your trees (but wait until November for that, so they are nice and creepy looking for Halloween) and weeding out any of those places that are just to hard to tackle in the summer heat.

Starting in October, you will probably need to mow your lawn every 10 – 14 days.   So, in keeping with your schedule, the off week for mowing should be your “on” week for other projects.  If you space these out, by the time Thanksgiving is here, you will have a lush and spruced up lawn, ready for holiday decorations.

When we do professional maintenance for our clients, we always have a plan.  But it is simple to translate this into your own personal routine as well.   If you stick to your plan, you will find that you can have a beautiful lawn with just one – two (or so) hours per week work.     Try this for each month (not summer!):

owl in tree in Saint Cloud

Sometimes you make new friends while tree trimming! This owl we met on a project near Rummel Rd, Saint Cloud, FL!


Week 1 - Mow, weed-eat all areas (including those hidden places you overlook), edge drive way and side-walk. Always blow off drive-ways and footpaths, or rake up clippings.

Week 2 – Weed Flower Beds, Trim hedges, cut excess foliage from overgrowing plants

Week 3 – Mow, weed-eat, edge.

Week 4 – Trim trees, pick-up branches or excess lawn debris, check gutters and be sure they are clean.

The secret to a happy maintenance routine is to never try to “do it all” in one day.   This will just exhaust you, and you will need to rest for the next 3 weekends and then one exhausting day all over again.    Your home is a place where regular care should be part of the routine both inside and out.  So make it fun and enjoyable.

As always, we are here to serve our friends and neighbors in Saint Cloud.  If you have any questions call Jim at 407-319-8899.

Please tell your friends about us!   We appreciate your support.





Mow Your Grass Weekly in Summer

J. Krasa Lawn Care St. Cloud, FL

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We’ve been getting tons of calls from around Saint Cloud and Kissimmee for one time or first time lawn service.   And we love the calls.  But here’s the thing.  If you let your lawn go for more than 7-10 days in Summer, it’s out of control before you know it.   We you call a lawn service, they are usually happy to come and help you, but it costs a bit more than usual and your grass probably won’t be that lush green you love on the first cut.    That’s why we recommend regular lawn maintenance service to our clients at least for summer season, because your lawn will stay nice and trimmed and it will actually be more economical than paying for a one time cut after your grass gets high.


The weather in Florida makes it so that grass shoots up after 1 – 2 days of good rain.   A lawn with high grass will hold water, the grass shaft will brown and then when you manage to get it cut to a normal height, you have a brown lawn.    When you cut your grass weekly in the summer, there is no just for damage near the ground and the top stays nice and green.  We like to cut your lawn so that it is still green, but if it grows to high, then we don’t have many options — leaving the green part would just leave you with high grass!


Also, regular lawn care means you don’t have all those clipping that will cause brown clumps around the lawn.  We always try to get those the best we can, but again, that is why a one time cut for high grass is more expensive than a cut when a lawn has been regularly maintained — the uncut lawn just takes a lot of extra clean-up work.  Lawn care companies charge by the amount of time it will take to cut your grass and get your yard looking good, so the extra time adds up.


So there you have it St. Cloud and Kissimmee friends — whether you do it yourself, or call us or one of the other excellent lawn care companies in the area — pick a day and mow your lawn each week in summer!   We recommend mowing between 8 – 10 am or 5 – 7 pm to avoid heat and sun exposure.


It’s Hot! How we do Lawn Mowing in St. Cloud heat.

J. Krasa Lawns St. Cloud, FL

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Today was a scorcher and we were out there lawn mowing in St. Cloud!  You could do worse, the one good thing is, we sure have a lovely little city to work in.  It’s actually fun to offer lawn service to the St. Cloud and Kissimmee community because we meet so many friendly people.  Often people come out and chat with us as we are finishing up their lawn care.   It makes us feel good that you were watching and waiting for the right time to let us finish and then come say “hi!”   BUT today was not one of those days… it was just too hot!  And we don’t blame you for staying inside where it’s cool.  In fact, we want to get out of the sun too!

It’s the perfect time for people to hire a lawn care service.  Mowing grass in the Florida heat can be challenging.   If you must go out in your garden, whether it’s to mow the grass, weed your flower beds or just hang out, try to make it in the early morning or late late afternoon.

As a rule, we send our team out early and if need be split their lawn care shifts to sometimes re-start at 5pm.   That way the can stay safe during the hottest part of the day which is between 3pm – 5pm.    Stay cool friends!  And if you live in Saint Cloud, Florida… call us if we can help you with your lawn.



Summer time Lawn Care

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Summer Tips from J. Krasa Lawns


Summer is here, and your lawn is going to need some care.  If you are a do-it-yourself lawn care type, there are a few tips you can take from the Pros at J. Krasa Lawn Care in St Cloud, FL  to help you keep your lawn fresh and green for summer.

Lawn Care Tips – From J. Krasa Lawn Care in St. Cloud, FL

1) Mow your grass weekly.  Choose a day for lawn maintenance, and stick to it.

2) Cut your grass at a minimum of 3 inches, and for St. Augustine Grass higher (up to 5 inches).  Most mowers have a blade adjustment with inch markers, if not, put yours on the highest level.

3) Don’t mow your lawn when it is wet.  Especially if you have a riding lawn mower, this will just leave marks in your grass.

4) No over seeding in Summer.  Wait until Fall to over seed.   Keep your lawn healthy for summer, and then when Fall comes, over seed with Rye grass or Bermuda grass.

5) Do not over-water.  Summer is rainy season, so unless we have a dry spell, it is best to turn your sprinklers off to avoid over watering.   Too much water can damage your lawn and is especially a problem for St. Augustine grass.

Lawn Care is a big job in Florida because of our 300 days of sunshine per year.   It gives us lots of opportunity to enjoy our lovely St. Cloud lawns and gardens, lakes and ponds.  So keep your lawn healthy, get some garden furniture and get out there!   And when you need a little help…  J. Krasa Lawns of Saint Cloud is here!

Email me for more info. about lawn maintenance in Florida:


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Thank you for your business.  We are a Florida licensed and insured lawn maintenance company that has proudly served Kissimmee and Saint Cloud since 1985.

We specialize in residential lawn care in Saint Cloud.  Our clients trust us; some have been with us for 25 years!  We guarantee excellent service, professional staff, and fair prices.   We are a family company, and we share the same family values that our customers hold dear.

Our services include: mowing, edging, weed-eating, tree trimming, landscape projects, clean-up and removal.  Call us for a quote today at  407-319-8899.

We offer Residential and Commercial Lawn and Landscape Maintenance in Saint Cloud, Kissimmee and Lake Nona, Florida.